Ron Pirtle – Bass Musician

Ron Pirtle comes from Ohio. He’s a farmboy by heritage, a mail carrier by day, and a bass fiddle player by night.

When he was twelve years old, Ron’s parents gave him an electric bass guitar. His brother played lead guitar, so the two boys formed a rock and roll band. Ron’s proficiency grew with the music and his bass, and soon he was much in demand by other bands. As soon as he was old enough, Ron traveled throughout Ohio and neighboring Pennsylvania, playing music. He discovered blues and jazz when he worked with an older blues piano player. Soon he switched to upright acoustic bass and nurtured his talent and love for this pure American art form.

Ron married his high school sweetheart Joyce, and they moved to Florida in the 1980s and started a family. It wasn’t long before Ron was established as a dynamic and moving force in the local jazz scene on the Space Coast. Ron soon became everyone’s number one call when they wanted an upright bass player in their groups.

These days Ron works a couple of regular weekly night club gigs and takes other dates when they come available. He leads his own jazz group, the Ron Pirtle Quintet, and has recorded a CD with that group. In the meantime, Ron can be heard playing his bass all over Central Florida.